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We are results driven, seeking to make a cost effective and valuable contribution to our clients' success.
Over 95% of our clients would recommend us.

Legal Advice
We aim to assist our clients in a number of ways: creating options, achieving realistic and attainable goals, and offering guidance to assist decision-making in a satisfactory and commercial context.

Quality Assurance
We take a pro-active approach and understand the importance of acting quickly and responding to urgency. Our lawyers do so whenever necessary, around the clock.
We enjoy an excellent reputation for the quality of services provided to our wider and diverse client base. Sony Sadaf Haroon Solicitors have extensive experience in the areas of Refugee, Immigration, Detention, Nationality, Asylum and Human Rights Laws of the United Kingdom.

Our aim is to provide a quality service to our clients by giving a personal touch to their cases. Sony Sadaf Haroon Solicitor's team members are highly qualified in their respective fields and can be approached by clients easily.
The firm has always looked beyond the shores of the U.K., serving clients with U.K. interests worldwide, providing specialist advice on all aspects of business immigration, such as work permits, investors, innovators, business and residency applications, as well as advice on issues of asylum and human rights, European free movement, and nationality law.
Sony Sadaf Haroon Solicitor's staff can communicate with clients in English, Bengali, Sylheti, Urdu,Hindi, Hinko, Pari and Punjabi, Sinhaleese,Tamil.
All staff at Sony Sadaf Haroon Solicitors are fully conversant with Information Technology. The firm is well equipped to provide its clientele with practical, efficient and systematic solutions to their queries.
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