Our Approach

  • Sometimes the issues can be resolved with a few pithy or constructive letters or sensible phone calls. When someone really isn’t getting a fair deal, however, we believe the court process provides the best structure, because of the inbuilt deadlines and court powers to order investigation and enforcement. However the court process must go hand in hand with proactive negotiation initiatives, round table meetings and sensible offers of settlement, to avoid unnecessary and expensive conflict.
  • If negotiation fails, the case must be driven forward with total commitment and the best creative and intellectual resources provided by the solicitor, the Bar and the client, geared to win.
  • Sony Haroon is supported by a team of talented in-house legal assistants to achieve, for her clients, an integrated team approach.
  • Barristers, from leading silks to highly skilled juniors, are allocated carefully on the basis of their specialist skills according to the nature, complexity and money-value of the case. They are consulted at an early stage for strategic input and thereafter on an ongoing basis, both in preparation for hearings and whenever appropriate for their expert opinions. Therefore clients benefit from the quality assurance of having their entire case handled personally by a single principal, not delegated through the ranks, while experiencing the strength-in-depth of continued tactical and legal advice from the cutting edge of the Bar.
  • This is a cost-effective route to a fully personalised private service and the best possible legal advice from the leaders in the field.
  • We are dynamic and committed, and aim always to exceed clients’ expectations
  • We work with sensitivity and humanity and provide support for our clients at what can be the most devastating period of their lives, to help them attain a level playing field from which to move forward.
  • Our vision is that our firm grows steadily as a hothouse of excellence and that all our clients feel that they have hired the best lawyers and won the best possible outcome in their case.

Sony Sadaf Haroon draws on expertise at the cutting edge of the bar, seeking out the best and most appropriate barrister for each case. The focus, as always, is on talent, creative thinking and technical excellence.